Since 1993 Audis (Automatic Distribution), based in Dieppe in Seine-Maritime, has offered a wide range of high-quality powdered drinks selected from amongst the biggest brands: Nescafé, Ristretto, Van Houten, Caprimo, Lipton, Knorr, Maggi

Each year we innovate with new products and we improve our drinks to meet your needs.

From coffee (black, with sugar or milk) to soup (chicken noodle) and gourmet drinks (vanilla cappuccino, caramel, hazelnut and praline white chocolate, chocolate with biscuit balls).

We also offer instant tea and teabags.

Discover our range of SAPHIR vending machines with a capacity up to 750 cups. The Lexan panel can be adapted to personalise your machine.

Cups are filled completely automatically by our production machines. This ensures optimal and accurate filling, so your drinks will always taste the same.

We guarantee high-quality products thanks to our IFS (International Food Standard) certification and by following HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards on our production lines.

We can create the drink of your choice to meet your needs.

Unsealed cup: 2 sizes of cup adapted to each drink and compatible with any type of vending machine.

The sealed cup: designed for semi-automatic machines. You can also combine it with a hot water dispenser, best adapted to smaller sites.

The EASY CUP: new innovative recyclable takeaway cup with isothermal properties.

The TOP CUP: specialised for larger stores, you can discover it on our site